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My Arnold Classic Trip

    Click on the link below to see some of the pictures/ videos from the Arnold UK trip.   https://www.instagram.com/p/C4nFQ7EIDNt [...]

Taking Care Of Yourself

    I use this image a-lot as it very profound.   Life can get in the way BUT you can always make time to be kind to yourself. &nb [...]

Well Done Rachel

  Rachel trained with me once a week for 8 weeks & did a further 1-2 sessions a week by herself (under my guidance) as she wanted to loo [...]

How To Dumbbell Row

    Single arm dumbbell row. This exercise gets butchered a lot in gyms. Too much weight being thrown around & pulling the dumbbell [...]


  Some Monday motivation. This is the reality of most things in life including improving your health, losing weight etc etc. KEEP AT IT. IT [...]

My Shoulder & Arm Workout

  Click on the link below for my shoulder & arms workout https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwMhz4dInYn/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D   [...]

My Leg Workout

  Click on the link below to see my full leg workout.   https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwHe64vo9fl/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==   [...]

My Chest & Back Workout

  Click on the link below for my Chest & Back workout.   https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cv_qlceIZzj/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== [...]

Stick To The Basics

Despite what all the “biohackers” will tell you. Master the basics first (get enough rest etc) . Before buying a ice bath for thousands of ££££££ [...]

Stick To The Basics

I started working with a new client last week. As always, I generally have to beat this type of BS out of them. Its not sexy but these are some o [...]

The Problem With Fitness

    A client of mine sent me this a few days. Really made me chuckle & it is VERY true to what I have to do, especially when workin [...]

The Best Way To Lose Weight

    Losing weight on paper is pretty simple, obviously the reality isn't always that easy as there are multiple factors that do/can com [...]

How To Get Big Calves

  Anatomy of the Calf Muscles The calf is located on the posterior (back) of the lower leg. The calf muscle actually consists of two muscles [...]

Benefits Of Creatine

  What Is Creatine? Creatine is a naturally-occurring amino acid that is found in your skeletal muscles. You can get creatine from foods suc [...]

Are You Hydrated Enough?

    The human body comprises around 60% water. It’s commonly recommended that you drink eight 8-ounce (237-mL) glasses of water per day [...]

How To Do A Plank

  Planking provides many physical benefits. Strengthening the core is an important aspect of any workout regime. A strong and solid core loo [...]


  Below, is just a short list of the benefits you will experience when you include the bent over row in your training routine. Prevents Inju [...]

Calories Burned Deadlifting

  The calories burned in a deadlift can depend on a number of factors, such as the type of lift, your weight and how intense you choose to l [...]

How To Perform A Pull Up

  Pull-ups are a functional bodyweight exercise that is great for building upper-body strength, however, they are commonly known as one of t [...]

How To Build A Bigger Chest

    A big chest can be appreciated and noticed year-round — under a tank top or shirt, it shows.  Building a good chest doesn't have to [...]

The Importance Of Stretching

  There are many benefits to regular stretching. Not only can stretching help increase your flexibility, which is an important factor of fit [...]

Health Benefits of Cod

  The vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats found in cod provide significant health benefits. It’s rich in vitamin B12, which is an important [...]

What Is A Calorie Deficit

  A calorie is a measurement of energy. The calories in food supply your body with the fuel you need to survive. When you eat food, it’s bro [...]

Health Benefits Of Magnesium

  Magnesium it is important for protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, regulating blood pressure, energy produ [...]

Being Consistent

Next month marks my 29th year of training and my 17th year working in the fitness industry. I have seen plenty of people come and go. Plenty of c [...]

Making Time For Yourself

Being that its the festive season. All of the above can become non stop. Take some time out during the week to look after yourself physically &am [...]

The Benefits Of Creatine

I am not massively into supplements but creatine is one that I do take regularly. Benefits include: Supports Muscular Size and Strength. Improvem [...]

The Benefits of Magnesium

  Magnesium is crucial for your brain and body. It has many benefits, including for your heart, blood sugar levels, and mood. It’s found in [...]

Making Sustainable Changes

From day 1 of working with a client, i drill this in to them. The whole process should be fun, sustainable & achievable. Unless you are looki [...]

My Arm Workout

    Here is my current arm workout that I am doing along with my shoulders every Wednesday. I am doing cluster sets (2 exercise back to [...]

Well Done Gary

  122kg - 105kg / 268lbs - 231 lbs in 1 year. In Garys own words “ I’ve changed my lifestyle for the better”. Remember. Its a marathon NOT a [...]

How To Woodchop

  The cable woodchop is an exercise that uses a cable machine to simulate a woodchopping action, building strength and power in the core and [...]

Why You Need Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 is one of eight B vitamins that have a vital role in keeping our bodies in tip-top condition. B12 is arguably the most [...]

Stick To The Basics

      The first list is pretty pointless. It offers you nothing short term or long term. The second list will give you more fulfil [...]

Well Done James

  Well done James. You came to me just over 6 weeks ago as you wanted to drop a little weight for your holiday. A drop in 7lbs/ 3.1kg Slowly [...]

My Current Training Program

  Around 2 months ago I went back to my old style of training, a bodybuilding split. Which I have not done since the end of December 2014 (w [...]

Improve Your Back Mobility

  Here are 4 exercises you can do to improve your mobility throughout the spine/ mid back. If I’m being honest. I use to do this kind of stu [...]

Why You Need Vitamin D

    Now that the sun is shinning. Their are no excuses NOT to get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is both a nutrient we eat and a hormone o [...]

BS In The Media

    So volume of daily calories aren’t important then? “A study says….” Who conducts these studies? . Headlines like this in the media, [...]

Bullet Proof Your Knees

    At 44 & a neurological auto immune illness I really have to take extra care of my body, given that it doesn’t function properly [...]

My New Training Routine

    First week of a full bodybuilding split. This is the first time ive done this type of routine in years. Nothing new. Just lots of v [...]

Happy Easter

   .   HAPPY EASTER . Bank holiday Friday seeing family. Enjoy those chocolate eggs . [...]

Well Done Cozette

    A few of the exercises from this morning’s training session with Cozette . Great effort considering she was feeling a little under [...]

Well done John

    This is John. An old client of mine that I trained around 7-8 years ago. When I first met him. He was not very active, drank too mu [...]

New Year. Same Rules

    Happy New Year everyone . I thought I would post this as I do every year as a lot of people decide to go on health kicks in January [...]

Health Benefits Of Apples

  We all know that saying "an apple a day. Keeps the dentist away". Well , apples have plenty of other health benefits too. Fibre and gut he [...]

How to Do a Goblet Squat

    The goblet squat is a great full-body exercise that builds muscle (particularly in the legs, core, and glutes) and develops cardiov [...]

Todays Shoulder Workout

    A great shoulder workout today: Seated shoulder press x 3 sets. 10 reps Bent over flys x 3 sets. 10 reps The last exercise. Lateral [...]

Spider Curls

  I finished my arm workout yesterday with spider curls. You won’t need a lot of weight as its virtually impossible to cheat on this movemen [...]

My Upper Body Session

        Upper body session from today. 2 sets x 10-12 reps: Incline chest press - Single arm row Flat chest press - Dumbbell [...]

Reasons to Get More Sleep

    A lack of sleep at night can make you cranky the next day. And over time, skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning [...]


    4 exercises. 20 reps on each for 5 rounds with 1-2 minutes rest in between each round. Kneeling shoulder press. Squat - Stiff leg d [...]

My Upper Body Workout

      A few moves from yesterdays upper body session. Got a great pump . Cluster sets x 3 sets: Incline press - flat press. Bent o [...]

This Mornings Arm Workout

    This morning’s arm workout. 3 supersets of around 10 reps on each. Tricep pushdown - Curls. Overhead extension - Hammer curls. Noti [...]


    5 exercises. 20 reps on each for 5 rounds with 2 minutes rest in between each round. Press up with leg raise. Lunge - Reverse lunge [...]

Well Done Gary

      Gary started training with me via my app just under 6 weeks ago & has gone from 122kg - 116.5kg / 268lbs - 255lbs & [...]

Well Done Yasmin

      Amazing effort by Yasmin. She purchased my 1 month coaching programme to assist with her current training. Yasmin managed to [...]

How To Master The Pull Up

    The pull-up is one of the original and most difficult bodyweight exercises to perform, even seasoned gym-goers can struggle to comp [...]

How To Bench Press

  The bench press is a compound exercise that involves the pectoralis major of the chest, the anterior deltoids of the shoulder, and the tri [...]

How To Prevent Shin Splints

  Shin splints, is a term used to describe symptoms of pain in the front of your lower leg and at times along the inside of the lower leg, n [...]

How To Barbell Row

      The barbell row. One of the best exercises you can do in the gym but also probably one of the most butchered exercises you s [...]

Well Done Simon

  Congratulations to my client Simon. He has managed to drop 12 lbs/ 5.4kg over the last 10 weeks as he wanted to look more athletic for his [...]

Well Done John

  MASSIVE congratulations to my client John. A STAGGERING 6kg/ 13lbs drop in 3 weeks. Starting weight 3 weeks ago. 110kg/ 242lbs. This morni [...]

Well Done Stephan

        Well done to my online client Stephan. 4.5kg / 10 lbs down in weight across 8 weeks. Now has a sustainable lifestyle [...]

Health Benefits Of Eggs

  Without a doubt, there are a multitude of benefits to eating eggs. Not only do eggs provide high quality protein, they also contain 11 vit [...]

Well Done Nick

        Amazing effort from my client Nick. 16lbs/ 7.2kg down in 8 weeks. A mixture of online and 1-1 sessions to achieve thi [...]

Well Done Tom

          A HUGE well done to my client Tom. 12kg/ 26lbs down in weight across 14 weeks. Stuck to the basics in the gym. [...]

Client Transformation

          Well done to my client David. 13kg/ 28lbs down. PREVIOUSLY. Non-nutrient dense foods. High calorie foods. Too [...]

Office Worker Stretches

      If you work in an office ( practically all of my clients do ) , the chances are you are spending a minimum of 8 hours a day [...]

Eat Some Nuts !!!!

        Nuts are a great snack as they contain various health benefits. There are a number of different types all containing [...]

Why You Should Woodchop

      The cable woodchop targets the transverse abdominis muscle and the obliques . These are the muscles that allow you to twist [...]

Home Workout

      Sometimes getting to the gym is not always feasible. Perhaps trying a homework maybe the answer instead. I put this together [...]

4 High-Protein Snacks

        When you start a new exercise regime, the first change you’re likely to make to your diet is to increase your protein [...]

What is LISS Cardio

      Over the past few years HIIT training ( High Intensity Interval Training )has taken over the fitness world. In a world, wher [...]

How To Deadlift Correctly

    Why Deadlift? It’s always important to start with why. Why? Because having a good reason for doing something makes planning easier. [...]

What Are Macros?

      Macronutrients, also known as macros for short, are the three primary sources of calories. Even if you are new to the term m [...]

Egg-White Muffin Melt

      Eggs make a great start to the day. They are full of protein which is great for helping your body recover from exercising. F [...]

Home Booty Workout

        Back when I first started working out in 1993 , gyms were always full of men & very little women. Thankfully time [...]

Winter Home Workout

      January can be a grim time of year for many. It's cold & you may find you are struggling to leave the house unless it is [...]

Green Tea Benefits

      Aside from water, coffee and tea are likely the two most commonly consumed beverages in the world, & both have deep trad [...]

Low Calorie Turkey Burger

  This turkey burger delivers a pleasing combination of fresh flavours & is a lower calorie option than a standard burger & its very [...]

The King Of Exercises

  Squats. Probably the hardest exercise of them all BUT one of the most rewarding , especially if done correctly. I generally always give th [...]


  We're always on the lookout for ways to transform our lives, but sometimes we forget that  along with exercise  there's another miracle dr [...]

Better Abs For Summer

    The sun is shinning & summer is finally here. This means a lot of people will look to start a drastic diet or detox thinking a [...]

Reasons To Keep Hydrated

    I am a firm believer that most people do not drink enough water. I can not express just how good it is for you both internally &amp [...]

My Leg Workout

In all the years I have trained clients. I don't think I have ever heard a client say "yay. Legs today" Training legs is an amazing way to burn c [...]

Tasty Greek Salad

    Salads can be dull & boring especially if you find eating healthily hard but fear not as you can easily rectify this by spendin [...]

Summer Ab Workout

    Now that Winter is over & spring is in full affect, many now look to drop body fat & start to get in shape for summer. This [...]

Outside Bodyweight Workout

      With the massive improvement in weather over the past few weeks, many have got themselves outside exercising again.The most [...]

Greek Breakfast

    Greek yoghurt is a great breakfast option as its relatively low in carbohydrates & high in protein. You can add a variety of fo [...]

Protein Packed Tuna Melt

    Eating enough protein can sometimes be hard, especially for a beginner. Here is a quick & easy way to get in around 30-40 grams [...]

Protein Packed Salad

  Its a beautiful day here in London & the sun is shinning. We are now in to spring time & the weather is starting to get warmer whi [...]

Healthy Turkey Burgers

      Who doesn't like a burger? but they can be calorie dense food that. You can look at different alternatives that are healthie [...]

How To Deadlift Correctly

    Why Deadlift? It's always important to start with why. Why? Because having a good reason for doing something makes planning easier. [...]

Parmesan-Crusted Baked Cod

      Cod is a great source of protein and very low in fat but for many it is a little tasteless and boring. Here is a quick and e [...]

My Bicep Pumping Routine

      When it comes training , biceps are always the most popular for guys. Here is my current routine , nothing startling but an [...]

Winter Abdominal Workouts

      We are now into Autumn which means Winter will soon follow. For many, this is the time to "bulk up" to add more muscle size [...]

Rippling Tricep Work Out

      Having a great set of triceps in both men & women always  looks great in my opinion . Not only do they make a bulk of th [...]

Ladies Who Lift

  Hopefully long gone are the days that just guys lift weights and more and more women embrace hitting the gym to lift weights rather than j [...]

Broccoli and Chicken Salad

  If you are stuck for time and are struggling to get a good lunch . Try this quick and healthy recipe. Ingredients 100  - 150 g broccoli 1 [...]

Chicken-Avocado Spinach Salad

Like many, most are stuck on time to prepare food for their lunch. This recipe allows you make a tasty lunch that is quick and nutritious. Ingred [...]

Pumping Guns Routine

  They may not be the biggest or the strongest group on your body, but your biceps are arguably the best "show" muscles. Functionally, the b [...]

Booty Workout

    With Spring almost upon us its time to start preparing that beach body now for the summer and what better way to start by getting f [...]

Gluten Free Banana Cake

      Gluten free banana cake 2 cups shredded coconut 1/2 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup caster sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 eggs 3 very r [...]

Boulder Shoulder Workout

    One of the main factors to a great looking physique in both women & men are wide , round shoulders. They can assist in giving y [...]

Athletic Arms Tricep Workout

  TRICEPS ANATOMY: Most gym goers would have a fair idea of the main function of the triceps which is to extend the elbow, or straighten the [...]


      Boosting metabolism works wonders. By exercising at a fast pace with minimal rest periods, you are increasing your metabolic [...]

Great Abdominal Moves

  Sure, diet is paramount when it comes to developing great abs for all to see, but you mustn’t forgo a solid & affective ab programme t [...]

15 Minute Home Workout

    With the ever hectic lifestyle of most people now days , its not always possible to make time to get to the gym BUT fear not. You c [...]

My Bicep Blasting Routine

  When it comes training , biceps are always the most popular for guys. Here is my current routine , nothing startling but an effective rout [...]

Butt Kicking Workout

  If you are trying to improve the appearance of your butt, this can be achieved through proper diet, cardio and, most importantly, by build [...]

My Protein Pancake Recipe

      Ingredients 60 g of almond flour 150g of oats 250ml milk 2 scoops of whey protein powder ( I currently use PHD protein) 2tbs [...]

Another Satisfied Client

Well done to my client Simon who lost 7 1/2 pounds in 4 weeks whilst maintaining all of that hard earned muscle before he goes away on his holida [...]

5 Reasons to Squat

Squats are considered by many including myself to be the king of all exercises. They are great for fat burning & building strength to name 2 [...]

Importance Of Vitamin D

  Seeing as the days are starting to get shorter, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about Vitamin D, as this will now become more &a [...]

Awesome Ab’s

Here is a great ab / core routine I did with my client yesterday. It consists of 3 exercises performed straight after each other with a rest or b [...]

Buns Of Steel

Here is a great work out to hit those thighs & bum that I did with my client today. You will be doing a walking lunge with a squat once you h [...]

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