Losing weight on paper is pretty simple, obviously the reality isn’t always that easy as there are multiple factors that do/can come in to play.

Here is my simple guide to losing weight.

Firstly. Set a realistic goal. Rather than saying ” I want to lose 30kg”. Focus on 1kg at a time.


Work out your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). This will give you a set amount of calories/macronutrients that are relevant to YOU.


Use a food/calorie tracker. Some people will say you do not have too but using a tracker will defintley make life easier as you know exactly what you have consumed through out the day/week.


Increase your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis). Basically , move more. Go for a walk , do the house etc.


Start lift weights. The more lean muscle tissue you carry. The faster you metabolise calories.


Make protein a priority. You will need it more as you are exercising and protein will fill you up for longer than carbohydrates.


PLAN. Plan your weeks food out ahead of time. Make sure you have also put aside time to exercise through out the week too.