Are Protein Shakes Good for You? 

Protein shakes are a quick and efficient way to get a large dose of protein before or after a workout. If you’re a highly active individual, you need more protein than a sedentary person, and protein shakes are a good option at any time of the day. 

Protein shakes can also be a good option for someone who is active and trying to lose weight, since some food sources of protein, like red meat, are high in calories.

Protein shakes are regarded as safe for healthy individuals. Since protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, it makes you feel more satisfied for longer and can prevent overeating. 

How Do Protein Shakes Work? 

Protein shakes provide extra dietary protein to help build muscle after exercise, and prevent loss of muscle during weight loss or due to the aging process. 

When you consume a protein shake after a workout, you’re providing the nutrition building blocks your muscles need to recover and rebuild. 

Protein shakes work in three ways: by building muscle, preventing muscle damage, and promoting recovery after endurance exercise.

Take Home Message 

While protein shakes have been a go-to for athletes for years, they can also be useful for weight loss and, when bulked up, as a meal replacement for people on the go. 

Not just beneficial for weightlifters, shakes can also be a recovery tool for endurance athletes like runners and cyclists. Healthy adults can benefit from adequate protein, like that found in protein shakes, with few potential side effects.