Walk into any gym in the world, regardless of its size, location or clientele, and you’ll find they all have one thing in common: there will be a bench positioned underneath a secured barbell ready for the next person to start bench pressing.

It’s not surprising that the bench press is such a popular move. Once you’ve mastered the basic movement pattern and your bench press form, you will see rapid progress in how strong you are, as well as size gains to three major muscle groups: the chest, the front shoulders and the triceps.

How Too:

Lie flat on your back on a bench.

Grip the bar with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart, so when you’re at the bottom of your move your hands are directly above your elbows. This allows for maximum force generation.

Bring the bar slowly down to your chest as you breathe in.

Push up as you breathe out, gripping the bar hard and watching a spot on the ceiling rather than the bar, so you can ensure it travels the same path every time.