Hi, my name is Barry and I have been training myself for 30 years and have been a Personal Trainer for 16 years.

I started lifting weights in my dads shed when I was a kid which escalated me into playing sports at school. I was on the rugby & basketball team as well as representing the school in shot put. Outside of school I boxed as a teen and started to lift weights more seriously which filtered me into competitive bodybuilding for many years.

On January 4th 2015 I woke up as normal, but could not see out of my right eye. Within the space of a few days, I was struggling to talk, swallow and walk. I was sent to a neurologist and they confirmed I have Myasthenia Gravis which is a neurological disease.

As part of the illness I had to have a thymectomy to remove a large tumour from my chest (common side effect of myasthenia gravis). From there I was put on a lot of medication that made me mentally & physically unwell. Thankfully due to my lifestyle, I was able to improve my symptoms & now lead the best quality of life I can, obviously with restrictions but health & fitness have been a MASSIVE part of keeping well now on a daily basis.

Tailored training

As an experienced trainer I pride myself on researching and studying different training techniques that are suitable for everybody. I try to continually expand my knowledge so I can provide my clients with the right combination of fitness and nutrition to suit their lifestyle and to achieve their aims.

It’s also not about adopting the latest exercise fads and fashions. My clients recommend me to their friends and work colleagues because I draw from my personal experience of tried and tested techniques to help them get the results they are aiming for.

My personal training also extends to providing advice on nutrition, external exercise routines to do at home or at your local gym as well as online training services.


Train in a private personal training gym based by Liverpool Street. I am happy to travel to other London locations to train at your home or local park. Prices will vary.


If you do not live or work in Central London, I can still assist you with your training and diet. We can work together either via email, phone or video calls. We initially speak to discuss your goals & how these can be achieved together. Once this is accomplished we can then


  • BTEC National Diploma Sports Science
  • ACSM (American College Of Sports Medicine) Group Exercise Leader
  • BAWLA (British Amateur Weight Lifters Association) BAWLA Leaders Award
  • First Aid, Public Liable Insurance (Simply Business)