One of the biggest things to hit the supplement market in the past 5 years is the pre workout. If you do not know what this, I would say the best way to explain it would be a mild stimulant that you take normally around 20-30 minutes before you train.

Most of them will contain L-arginine , Beta-alanine , Tyrosine , Caffeine & possibly other ingredients. Out of all of the ingredients they contain , caffeine will be the most prominant .

Whilst caffein is a great product to use before you train , too much of it can be a bad thing & many of these pre workouts can contain 3 – 4 cups of coffee in one shot which can be counter productive & not good health wise long term for you.

For me , a good old cup of coffee about 30 minutes before I train does the trick. Here are some of the benefits of having a cup of the stuff before you train.