If you are looking to make the most of your time whilst at the gym, then see my top 5 ways to burning those calories that you can incorporate in to your own gym sessions. If you are not doing any of the below try & add them to your next workout.

Resistance / Weight Training

The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn & yes this means ladies too. Building muscle is the best way to burn more calories and lose more fat and boost metabolism around the clock. Ladies including weights in your workouts will give you a more slim and shapely appearance.

Interval Training

This technique is when you vary the intensity level every few minutes or seconds. You’ll continue to burn calories long after the workout is over. If you mostly walk, add in some running bursts. If you usually run at a steady pace throughout your workout, add sprints.

 Big Lifts

The more muscles you incorporate in to a movement, the more calories you burn. A great example of this would be favoring a squat or a lunge over a leg extension machine. With both the squat & lunge, they not only work the quads ( front of the thigh), but also the glutes ( butt ), hamstrings ( back of the thigh) & core as apposed to a leg extension machine that solely focuses on the quads.

Super Sets

This means to move from one exercise to another with out any rest period. An example of this could be a flat chest press followed up by an incline chest press. This type of training will keep your heart rate up for a longer period as the duration of each set is longer. You may also apply this technique across muscle groups, for example go from a chest exercise into a back exercise.

Muscle Confusion

To prevent plateaus, alternate you training from work out to work out. You could for example follow the same routine but do one weigh training session with very heavy weights with a rep range from 6 – 10 reps, then the following session do 30 – 40 reps for each exercise. You can also look at the routine itself & vary it every 2 – 3 weeks, again allowing your body not to adapt too much from the current workouts