I have trained clients for many years & one of the questions I always ask when they start with me is, how much water do you normally drink within a day? It never ceases to amaze me that many of them will barely consume any.

If you are not drinking enough H20. Here are just a few reasons why you should be.


Water helps you maintain normal body function

Research has shown that water can speed up your metabolism, cleans the body of toxins, & generally helps to make everything in your body run smoothly. Considering an adult male is usually 60% water, this all makes sense. You need that water to digest food, circulate blood, keep your mouth from drying out, and do a number of other things we often take for granted. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty—be proactive about it

Flush toxins & prevent illness

While the kidneys naturally filter waste from the body, they require adequate water intake to function properly. When the body is dehydrated, the elimination of wastes is diminished. Conversely, when the body is hydrated, healthier functioning and transportation of nutrients is restored. Some medical experts believe proper hydration can help prevent joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, since water reduces inflammation and promotes cartilage health.

Improve mood

Dehydration is known to cause headaches, which might explain why it’s common to get cranky when one strikes. Many reports support this theory. Therefore, a glass of water might work double duty in helping prevent headaches as well as promote a sense of refreshment that naturally enhances mood, as well.

Improve skin complexion

Skin cells, like all cells, are made up of water. Therefore, if the skin is not receiving adequate hydration, it will appear dry, tight and flaky, and fine wrinkles will be more pronounce. A great indicator to make sure you are hydrated is the colour of your urine. Ideally it should be clear almost like water itself.