Next week marks the official start of the Christmas season for many. Which means more frequent drinking and excessive food. This can easily translate into gaining weight and feeling lethargic a lot of the time leading into and over Christmas.

Here are a few basic rules to stick by to help get you through the festive fun.

You can’t say YES to every event. Pick and choose the social events you really want to go to and do not feel guilty for saying no to others.

Choose drinks that are lower in calories. A gin and slimline tonic roughly contains 100 calories whilst some cocktails can be up to 350 – 400 calories.

Water. I can not overemphasize the importance of it. Alcohol is a diuretic which means you will pass more water than usual. Make sure you take some on board whilst you are drinking  and especially the day after as it will help aid with the hangover process.

Water also aids with digestion so if you are eating more / heavier foods than normal. Your body will need more of it to assist in the process.

Food. Again pick and choose wisely when eating out. I am not for one second saying you can not eat a little of whatever you wish but just remember. Gaining weight is an accumulation of excessive calories over a period of time.

Exercise. Going into Christmas with a “F**K IT” attitude to exercise and I will start in the new year can be dangerous. You are consuming more calories than normal so you will need to keep as active as possible to try and counteract any additional weight gain.

Exercise also releases endorphins ( feel good hormone ) which can counteract against alcohol which is a depressant.