I watched this documentary last week as many of you probably have/ will do at some point.

I will start with by saying around 2 – 3 months ago I reduced my meat intake , as I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and I didn’t feel great after eating it at times ( potentially to do with my myasthenia gravis/ gut health ) and now get more of my protein/ calories from plants ( old terminology vegetables).

My review.


1. It states it’s the truth. No. It’s there opinion. Of which , a lot of it is fabricated.

2. If beetroot / beet juice increased strength by 19-20% like it states. ALL athletes would being using it, as athletes will do ANYTHING to win and I mean ANYTHING. PS sport is full of people on drugs so trust me on this statement.

3. Strong man gained x amount of weight since going plant based. NO. He increased his calories…. probably takes gear ( see statement number 2 )

4. The Firemen / women that were tested were all eating a terrible diet. Then after eating better quality food for a week or so  ( in this case a plant based diet) there test scores improved massively. No s**t Sherlock.


1. I think it’s safe to says people’s daily diets are shocking. Popeyes chicken/ KFC doesn’t really substitute as a good source of protein/ food. Athletes are freaks of nature and can perform to a high standard eating any old rubbish.

2. EVERYONE can probably do with increasing there daily vegetable/ plant intake for better health/ wellbeing.

3. There does seem enough evidence ( take from that what you will ) that from an environmental stand point we could probably do with producing less meat.

To summarise if you want to eat vegan do so but for the love of god. PLEASE stop ramming it down peoples necks.

Going vegan will NOT make you shot lasers out of your eyes, give you the ability to fly, time travel etc etc.