I am finally able to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in this case & tell you about my trip to Barcelona on behalf of Powerade.

I was kindly invited out by Red Consultancy & given the red carpet treatment to attend a discussion on sports drinks for the general public & sports people.

The discussion was given by Professor Greg Whyte, OBE. Straight off I was impressed that both Greg & Powerade were being honest with the 2 drinks, which were being launched as they were being aimed at 2 different markets.

Powerade Zero
This is a zero sugar, calorie free drink that provides fluids to the body without any excess calories. It was developed by the makers to provide optimum refreshment without adding back the calories for Regular Exercisers who are typically engaged in lighter intensity exercise sessions that lasts less than 60 minutes. In other words, if you are an average gym user / sports person who does not participate in intense exercise for any longer than 60 minutes, this is the drink for you.

Powerade ION4
It is accepted that performance during prolonged endurance exercise can be maintained by consuming such things as sports drinks. Powerade ION4 is a sports drink with a combination of carbohydrates – glucose and fructose – and four electrolytes (in particular sodium) to help people participating in prolonged, intense sports or exercise session to perform at their best for longer.
This is partially due to the effects of the carbohydrates in the drink providing additional fuel to the muscles and also to the fluid and electrolytes minimising fluid and mineral disturbances that can occur through sweating.

This would be my choice if I were to run a marathon or playing an intense sport that lasts more than 60 minutes.

Once the discussion had finished we were split in to small groups to participate in some football circuits , in which I impressed myself as I was better than I thought I was going to be, given I am a 18 stone bodybuilder.

We then moved on to the highlight of the day which was to receive a pass from Andres Iniesta himself & hopefully score a goal. I was about 5th inline of about 20 participants & was fortunate enough to score.

My Conclusion

I was slightly sceptical & wasn’t sure what to expect attending this event, but was surprised that the brand was marketing their products in an honest way. I would allow my clients to use Powerades products should they choose too, mainly Powerade Zero as all of my client’s only train for an hour, with the exception of a few clients who have trained for marathons. They could use the Powerade ION4 whilst running, as their training sessions are over an hour at a time.

I would like to thank the following for allowing me to attend this event.

Powerade for holding this great event.


Sinead & Tim from Red consultancy for inviting me on this trip.


Greg Whyte for holding the discussion whilst in Barcelona.