The strawberry, is one of the most recognisable berry fruits in the world.Whether you choose to whip your strawberries up into a cheesecake, shake them into a smoothie, or indulge in some to-die-for strawberries and cream.

Here are some of the many health benefits of strawberries.

Strawberry nutritional profile

Strawberries are packed full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, including but not limited to:

Vitamin C: boosts immunity and increases iron absorption. It also contributes to collagen formation to help cartilage, bones and blood vessels function normally.

Fibre: helps normalise bowel movements and maintains good digestive health.

Folate: one of the body’s B-vitamins that’s needed to make red and white blood cells in the bone marrow and convert carbohydrates into energy.

Manganese: Plays a role in the regulation of blood sugars. Helps support formation of connective tissue and is also an important contributor of bone health.

The health benefits of strawberries

They’re good for heart health

Did you know that heart disease is the most common cause of death across the globe.There have been many large-scale studies which link the consumption of berries to a lower risk of heart-related deaths.There has also been a study in middle-aged people which showed that eating strawberries may improve the levels of good cholesterol, as well as lower blood pressure and improve blood platelets function.

They help to regulate blood sugars

Your body breaks carbs down into simple sugars and releases them into your bloodstream. It then starts to secrete insulin, which encourages cells to use this sugar as fuel. However, sugar imbalances caused by a high-sugar diet carry an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Eating strawberries seems to slow down the digestion of glucose and reduces spikes in both glucose and insulin after a high-carb meal.1