9 years ago today I woke up & my life had changed for ever. I could not see properly due to horrific double vision. In the coming days I couldn’t breath properly, swallow food, talk or walk properly.

My mind fell apart & I struggled with day to day life, in short my body shut down completely & I was diagnosed with  Myasthenia Gravis.

I was then told I had a large tumour in my chest that had to be removed which resulted in basically having the same procedure as open heart surgery.

I was placed on ton of medications that made me gain weight, suffer from depression & anxiety & my mind was a mess for a few years.

Ive managed to come off most of them now with the use of marijuana, my overall lifestyle & probably a bit of luck.

Every day is still a struggle physically & mentally, but I do my best to be as present as possible.

NEVER take your health for granted. Mine was taken away from me overnight.

Health & fitness has probably put me in a better place than many with MG.

My life pre MG, at my worst & now.