Happy New Year everyone 🥂🥂. I thought I would post this as I do every year as a lot of people decide to go on health kicks in January.


Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram. Fat contains 9 calories per gram.

You CAN eat carbs after 6pm (I don’t know where 6pm started, whats the difference between that and say, 5pm or 7pm). They won’t make you fat. Eating excessive calories will.

Your body does need some sugar. Going on a ” sugar” detox for a month is pointless. Just eat less of it full stop.

EVERY diet for weight loss works. As long as you adhere to it ( calorie deficit).

If you start to exercise. Increase your protein intake. Your body needs it for recovery.

Anybody who says don’t worry about calories to lose weight is an idiot. Yes you do.

You CAN over eat “healthy” food. If you do, you WILL gain weight.

There is no such thing as a super food. That’s just made up bollocks.

Eating “clean” isn’t a thing.


They should do that ” supplement” your diet. Eat real food. Personally I think its pointless that most people take supplements.


Stick the basics. They work. Squat, press, pull etc

Girls. If you want to build a good set of glutes (backside) then squat, lunge etc. Wrapping a dyna band around your legs and walking up and down as if you have shit yourself does NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.

If you are new to training. Doing a 4 day bodybuilding routine is pointless. It is pointless for most full stop, unless you want to enter a bodybuilding/fitness show.


Your kidneys and liver have one soul purpose, to detoxify your body. If they do not you would end up on dialysis or you die. A bit like your heart; it pumps blood around your body, if it does not you go in to cardiac arrest and die. THE END

Personal Trainers: ( seeing as I am one )

If you are thinking of working with one. Make sure they are mentally stable and not full of shit.

If they try to sell you a ton of supplements, run.

Qualifications. Not the be all and end all. I know some trainers who on paper are great but do not know there ass from there elbow in a gym.

Like most things in life. You generally get what you pay for.


What ever you do. Do it for you and enjoy the process 👊🏻