Kettlebell exercises have immense physical benefits but the ease of use and ability to get a full body workout in anywhere makes it a extremely practical piece of kit. If you are a regular gym goer and have never used one before. You may want to think about adding swings to your training regime. Here’s why…..

Effective for fat loss 

Swings can be used to help you lose weight. Like squats and deadlifts they are a great calorie burner as you use a large volume of muscle groups when performing them. The movement will burn a lot of calories and when combined with a calorie deficit, will lead to weight loss.

Increases power

When performed at a high intensity kettlebell swings can really increase your strength and power. According to some studies, kettlebell swings were almost as effective as weightlifting at increasing power and were equal in improving vertical jumps, back squats, and power cleans.

Can improve endurance

Not only can performing Kettlebell swings improve strength and power, but using a lighter weight for a higher rep range could help you improve your aerobic endurance. Kettlebells can be a great cardio workout and is a much cheaper alternative to buying a treadmill or exercise bike for your home while providing the same benefits.

They can be performed anywhere

The beauty of the Kettlebell swing is that it really can be performed anywhere, which is great if you want to do a high-intensity workout. Kettlebells can be found in just about any gym; or if you want equipment for your home they are great as they do not take up much room as does doing the actual movement itself either.