What Is An Overhead Press?

The Overhead Press, also known as the shoulder press, or simply just a press, is an exercise movement, typically performed with a barbell which primarily benefits, the shoulders, traps, and upper chest. Overhead press is performed in a standing position, which benefits core strength, core stability, and supports improved shoulder mobility.

Here is why you should be doing them:

Core Stability

Overhead press is conventionally performed in a standing, upright position which requires balance, core strength, and stability. Weight lifted overhead, recruits more abdominal muscles, and stabilizing muscles, which will improve posture and assist in functional movements.

Better Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder mobility is crucial to keep your joints healthy and for full range of motion while performing overhead movements. Overhead can improve strength range of motion, and mobility, to avoid injury and improve athletic performance.

Upper Body Strength

Like many other resistance training exercises, overhead press builds more strength and develops the muscles in your upper body, including the pectorals (chest), deltoids (shoulders), triceps (arms), and trapezius (upper back). More upper body strength translates directly to better overhead performance, stability and strength, which can benefit performance and overhead Olympic lifts, such as clean and jerk and snatch.