What is vitamin C?

Vitamins C, is an essential vitamin that you can find in lots of fresh fruits (especially the citrus variety) and veggies. Our bodies can’t make or store it, so we need to make sure we are getting enough in our diets or by taking supplements.

As you will discover, this useful vitamin is very important for a variety of body functions, from supporting our immune system to helping to reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles and so much more.

It’s a potent antioxidant

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants help the body to protect its DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage caused by rogue particles in our bodies called free radicals. Free radical build up in the body can be detrimental to health, so the more protection we can get, the better.

Supports the immune system

Our immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy – and the stronger it is, the better. Everyone’s immune system needs vitamin C to function normally, so keep it topped up.

Researchers found that taking a vitamin C supplement could reduce the rate of colds in active people by 50%.

Helps maintain bones and cartilage

Vitamin C plays a big part in keeping our cartilage and bones strong by helping our bodies to make collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and acts as a scaffold to provide structure and strength.

About 90% of the proteins in our bones are collagen, so it makes sense that it is good for our bones and cartilage.

Reduces tiredness and fatigue

Feeling tired and fatigued sometimes is normal – especially if you lead a busy lifestyle or exercise a lot.However, if you’re feeling exhausted all the time is a sure sign that your body is struggling to convert the energy you give it into action.

If you are fuelling your body with the food and drink it needs and still feeling the fatigue, it could mean that your body is lacking in certain micronutrients, like vitamin C.