Why can social media make us depressed?

When you look at other people’s lives, particularly on Instagram, it’s easy to think that everyone else’s life is better than yours. This certainly rings true especially in the fitness industry.

Who has the most followers, who is sponsored by a certain brand. Having a certain look means you are knowledgable than others (this definitely is not the case). Since comparison is hard-wired, there’s no easy way to completely avoid it. unless you plan to move off the grid, and do a total social media detox.


Here are 3 simple steps you can make to ensure you experience a better time whilst using it.


Be Realistic

Most people don’t share their life fails on social media.  Instead you only get the highlights . So, when you compare yourself to others on social media, it’s not a fair comparison. For a reality check, consider your own Instagram feed. If your posts do not represent a completely accurate picture of your own life chances are the people you follow will not either.

Pinpoint Your Social Media Triggers

When you scroll, do specific types of posts or certain people always make you feel inadequate or depressed? Given our celebrity-obsessed culture, you might try to compare yourself to your favourite stars which is a dangerous thing to do. A lot celebrities will see a trainer 3- 5 x a week , a chef that will cook all of there food and rightly or wrongly so part of their job will be there imagine. This is hard to maintain if you are a member of the general public that works long hours and has other commitments .

Follow more accounts that make you smile, laugh or feel good.

You may have just unfollowed someone who posts daily from the gym with tips on how to get the “perfect” body ( this is a form of body dysmorphia) – why not follow a body positive account that encourages exercising for joy and self-care, or a professional that deals in mental health. Both of which will be more beneficial to you.