7 years ago yesterday I had my thymectomy to remove a tumour, linked to my myasthenia gravis.

I remember at the time that picture was taken, I felt so ill. I was struggling to walk, talk, breath and see, my mental well-being was a mess. I was also on a ton of drugs which helped with recovery and stopped me from relapsing, but ultimately made me feel worse.

If I’m being honest, most days are still a struggle to some degree. I’m permanently exhausted both physically & mentally BUT I do my upmost to keep going as best as I can in both my day to day life and in the gym.

If you have recently been diagnosed with MG or have had it for some time. I would love to hear from you. As it’s always nice to speak to others that have it too.


Picture 1 : 7 years ago VS picture 2: Today