If like many, you do not have the time to get to the gym, why not try this HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workout that you can do at home.

Designed to be high-burn, constant-challenge sessions, a HIIT workout is the simplest way to shock the body out of its physical complacency and force it to work harder than it has  before.

There are several benefits to this. First, we burn up more calories . Faced with the demands made by a high-intensity interval training session the body hasn’t got a lot of time to adapt and optimise what it does. The incremental inefficiencies that this produces simply up the calorie burn in the session.

Second, it boosts your metabolic rate. For a short while after the HIIT workout you simply burn more even when at rest. Third, it enhances performance. Challenged by the intense physical routines the body’s muscles learn to perform at a higher rate.


The Routine:

Try 30 – 45 seconds on each exercise with a 10 second rest period in between. Once you have completed every exercise, rest for 1 – 2 minutes then repeat it all again for another 2 – 3 rounds.

Alternating lunges:

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and step out in front of you with right foot while bending right knee. Lower yourself until left knee almost touches floor, then immediately raise yourself back up and return right foot to starting position. Repeat, alternating sides.

Squat jumps:

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms bent in front of you with hands at chest level. Bend knees and lower yourself into a full squat. Once you hit the bottom, jump up explosively and reach high towards the ceiling. When you land, return down to the squat position and repeat.


Lay on the ground with knees bent, arms overhead. Swing your arms towards your knees while engaging abs and sitting up. Tap ground in between feet with your hands and return to start position.


Facing the floor, get onto hands and toes, keeping arms straight, abs engaged, and creating a straight line from toes to shoulders. If this is too hard, you can lower yourself down to your elbows and forearms.

Push Ups:

Start in plank position, feet and hands on floor with your body straight. Lower yourself down until chest almost hits floor and raise yourself back up, keeping core tight. If these are too hard, you can scale them and drop to your knees (just make sure to keep abs engaged the entire time!).


Sit on the edge of your sofa or chair and place your hands on the cushions next to your backside, legs extended out in front of you. Push up with your arms and slide your backside comes out in front of the edge of the sofa. Then raise and lower your body by bending and straightening your arms behind you