Working as a trainer in Central London means all of my clients are office based. Most of them are generally high up in business which means working long, stressful hours. I am often told ” Had I not come in to see you. My day would be a lot more stressful”.

As well as exercising their are a number of other ways I tell my clients to unload stress by simply trying various techniques. Here are a few simple ideas.


Get A Good Nights Sleep

One of the main symptoms of chronic sleep loss is poor concentration. Getting a solid seven to eight hours ahead of a busy work day could be the difference between being frazzled and being laser-focused. This will also apply when exercising too. Sleep depervation can have a big negative impact on strengh whilst training.



Mindfulness is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. Despite the fact that people have practiced forms of mindfulness meditation for thousands of years, its many  health benefits are only recently starting to be understood.

Practicing mindfulness can involve learning how to meditate, but it can also be as simple as trying a quick and easy deep breathing exercise. While this might seem like a deceptively simple task, you may find that it is actually much more difficult than it appears. Fortunately, this breathing activity is something you can do anywhere and anytime.


Set Small Daily Goals

Having huge, game changing goals is great. Everyone should have a big vision for who they can be and what they can achieve.But staying focused on a long term vision is no easy task. Whether you are bogged down with emailing annoying clients, or writing new content , it can be easy to lose focus on the bigger picture.

Instead of focusing on your big, long term goals, start setting small daily goals. By focusing only on what needs to be accomplished in any one given day, you will set yourself up for success. Achieving small daily goals will wire your brain for success and trigger the reward mechanism, releasing dopamine when you accomplish your goal.