Like me , many like to start their day with a cup of coffee. Not only do many depend on it to wake them up properly  but also use it through out the day to keep them alert. Along with giving you a energy boost it has many other health benefits. Some listed below.

Drinking coffee can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is an affliction that currently affects millions of people across the world. And coffee drinkers have the ability to reduce their risk with every cup of coffee they drink. Many studies seem to indicate around a 7% reduction in risk for every cup consumed, with the heaviest coffee drinkers lowering the risk by as much as 67%.

Drinking coffee can help burn body fat

In one study, athletes who drank the equivalent of 12 ounces of coffee before working out burned roughly 15% more calories for as much as three hours after exercising. Even if you don’t work out, drinking coffee has also been proven to boost your metabolism by 10 to 20%, for those who drink one to two cups per day.

Improves circulation

Drinking a five ounce cup of coffee has been proven to cause a 30% boost in capillary blood flow, according to one study. This level of increased blood circulation results in better oxygenation of your body’s tissues which has a number of benefits, such as improved performance in physical activities.

Can improve your endurance

Not only can coffee decrease your perceived level of pain during physical exertion, it can also decrease your perceived level of exertion. By reducing the amount of energy you feel you’re expending (by more than 5%), your exercise actually feels easier. As a result, drinking coffee before working out can improve exercise performance by more than 11%, since you feel like you’re exerting less energy.

Can reduce your risk of some cancers

So far, coffee has been linked to a lowered risk for both liver and colorectal cancer, the world’s third and fourth most common. Coffee drinkers appear to be at a 40% lower risk for liver cancer and a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer if they drink four to five cups per day. Links have also been found between coffee drinkers and a lower risk of basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.