Most gym goers would have a fair idea of the main function of the triceps which is to extend the elbow, or straighten the arm. This is what is occurring when you perform a set of pushdowns. The second lesser know function is adduction. That is bringing the arm down towards the body. Only the long head is responsible for this function and it is shared with the lats.



You can think of an almost endless supply of top exercises for the triceps. Between the basic movements and minor variations on each. However, some exercises are simply better than others.

Here are 5 of the best exercises to get your guns growing.

1. Dips:

Dips are simply to perform and don’t require much equipment. All you need is a dipping bar or two flat benches. Simply set yourself up on the dipping bar or in between two benches, lower yourself until your arms are at 90 degrees and drive back to lockout.

2. Pushdowns:

The number one triceps exercise in the world. Almost every trainee in every gym performs this movement. Grab a rope, bar or handle and extent your arms straight down until lockout. It’s simple and effective. The variations for this movement are almost limitless. Different bars, hand positions, 1 hand etc the list goes on.

3. Overhead Extensions:

Overhead extensions are about the only true stretch position movement for the triceps. You can perform this movement one arm or two arms at a time. For the one arm variation, start with a dumbbell in the finish position for a dumbbell press (i.e. arm straight up in the air). Then lower the weight down behind your head without moving the upper arm (so it remains vertical). Once you feel a good stretch in the triceps, reverse the movement to lockout.

4. French Presses Or Lying Triceps Extensions Or Skull Crushers:

No one movement in weight training has so many names. Whatever you want to call it, it is great for the triceps. Simply lie on a flat bench with arms fully extended to the sky. Now while keeping your upper arm perpendicular to the ground, lower a barbell or dumbbells towards you head (hence skull crusher). Once you reach you head, extend your arms back you to the starting position.

5. Close Grip Bench Presses:

This movement is identical to a bench press however; you place your hands closer together so your index fingers are just off the smooth part of the bar. You can vary this movement by performing just the top 1/3 lockout to really hit the tris.