The dumbbell bicep curl is without a doubt the most popular & basic exercises you can perform with a set of free weights. With the correct form and technique, your biceps will feel the burn and you’ll avoid potential injury along the way.

Step 1

Stand up straight with legs shoulder-width apart or sit on a bench. If you’re sitting on a bench, make sure your head, shoulders are in contact with the bench with your feet firmly on the ground.

Step 2

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your thumbs are curled around the grips. Hold the dumbbells by your sides, palms facing forward. Keep your back straight and shoulders rolled back and down.

Step 3

Bend your elbows and slowly bring the dumbbells up to around 90 degrees. I know everyone will say you need bring the dumbbell up higher but I disagree and feel by keeping it at 90 degrees will create more tension. Make sure your wrists are in line with your elbows and keep your shoulders straight.

Step 4

Breathe in as you lower the dumbbells away from you back to the starting position. Maintain a slow and controlled movement as you straighten your elbows. That’s one rep. Aim for two to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions . I am for 3 seconds as you lift the weight with a second pause at the top of the movement then lowering the weight again with a 3 second tempo.

Step 5 

Increase the weight when the repetitions become easier to perform BUT make sure your technique does not decrease in the process